We’re B-A-A-C-K !

Hello there fellow TTC members, Well here we are-on the cusp of returning to tennis again....yahoo! How fantastic it will be to swing a racquet and smack a ball in our wonderful club once again. I look forward to seeing […]

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The Bar by Frank Moran

In Templeogue did K. Kirby A stately pleasure dome decree Where Al in pleasant company Enjoyed with Bacchus, many a spree. The carpets changed, the windows too. Afforded all a splendid view Of mountains green and meadows wide. While at […]

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TTC Gardening Corner

Update 22 March 2021 Apart from bulbs one of my favourite winter flowers is Helleborus. What is not to love about a plant which gives us such a range of colours when very little else is in flower? Hellebores are […]

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Gardening for Biodiversity -TTC Gardening Corner

Every time we open the paper these days we see dire news about biodiversity loss.  Enough to make anyone despair. The good news is that we can do something positive to improve the situation, in particular in our own gardens. […]

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Tennis News by Crosscourt

By Stephen Higgins Run by TTC member Stephen Higgins, Crosscourt View is a tennis site that covers the Grand Slams, the ATP and WTA tours, and Irish tennis. This month, he will launch a weekly newsletter with the latest news, […]

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TTC Movie/Series Reviews

Nicely paced story of English widow Edith Pretty (Mulligan) and her son who decide to have some mysterious formations on their land in Suffolk excavated on the cusp of WW2.  The story follows the excavation and growing excitement about the […]

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Tennis Skills

# 1 - Volley # 2 - Wall Sit

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TTC Keeping Connected

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more content to the TTC Keeping Connected initiative on our website, which facilitates members to stay connected to the TTC community by contributing to and accessing activities and information on different […]

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TTC Annual Art Competition

We are delighted to launch the TTC Art Competition for all our Juniors. Closing Date extended to Friday 14th August due to holidays and other activities. The Scenario: Kahn our mascot who is located in the club office (for the […]

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Spring Round Robins 2020

Following on from our Winter Round Robins our Spring Round Robins will have two formats: Mixed Doubles and Singles. Mixed Doubles has started and singles entry is open now Singles The Singles Round Robins begins Monday 24th February - ending Sunday […]

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