Why Tennis?

We believe when it comes to any sport, it should start with a capital F for FUN. Tennis can be played as a competitive sport or as a recreational activity with great health and social benefits such as:
Full Body Workout
Improved Aerobic & Anaerobic Health
Burns Calories & Fat
Improves Bone Health
Healthy Heart
Enhances Flexibility, Balance & Coordination
Boosts Brain Power
Improves Discipline & Social Skills
Boosts The Mood – It’s Social And Fun
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Why Templeogue Tennis Club?

Templeogue Tennis Club officially started life in 1917 nested discretely within Templeogue Village for over 100 years. The club has grown to be one of Ireland’s premier Tennis clubs. All levels of tennis experience are very welcome at Templeogue Tennis Club. The facilities available are second to none offering members:
Full Body Workout
Improved Aerobic & Anaerobic Health
Burns Calories & Fat
Improves Bone Health
Healthy Heart
Enhances Flexibility, Balance & Coordination
And lots more…

Activities at Templeogue Tennis Club…

We have a range of tennis activities available for all levels of tennis experience from the beginner to the returning champion, but not just tennis activities there is plenty more at Templeogue Tennis Club.
Social tennis arranged during the week and weekends to suit everybody’s busy lives. (Social tennis is a great way to practice and have fun doing it!)
Tournaments such as; Round Robins, Club Championships for Seniors and Juniors, American Tournaments and more…
Leagues – Templeogue is represented in all Dublin Inter Club Leagues from Class 1 – 7.
Coaching for all levels – group and individual – mid-week, evening and weekends.
Cardio and Drill Tennis Circuit Training – mid-week, evening and weekends.
Fun Trips and Events.
Classes and societies such as: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, TTC Golf Society, Wine Club, TTC Choir, Bridge, Darts and lots more…
Fitness classes concentrating on the movements within tennis.


Templeogue Tennis Club provides a full coaching programme all year round (weekdays, evenings and weekends), for both junior and senior members, led by our head coach Kathryn Leonard and her coaching and fitness team. So, regardless of age or level, we have the coaching session for you to improve your skills, provide a FUN learning environment.
Adult Tennis Coaching: Beginners up to advanced group coaching available along with individual coaching.
Junior Tennis Coaching: Starting at age 4-5 years up to 18 years.
Fitness Coaching: All ages and levels of fitness for groups and individuals.

Membership Pricing

We offer a direct debit facility for all memberships processed in January of year. 
Family membership includes all children up to the age of 25.
Mini junior rate applies to all children up to the January after their 12th birthday.
Pavilion membership excludes tennis but allows members to avail of all the club’s social activities.

Student (18-25 years)
Junior (12-17 years)
Mini Junior (under 12 years)
Mini Junior (under 10 years)
Mini Junior (under 8 years)
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Location: Templeogue Tennis Club, Templeogue Village, Dublin, D6W K402 

Telephone: 01 490 2760

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