The Bar by Frank Moran

In Templeogue did K. Kirby

A stately pleasure dome decree

Where Al in pleasant company

Enjoyed with Bacchus, many a spree.

The carpets changed, the windows too.

Afforded all a splendid view

Of mountains green and meadows wide.

While at the back the Dodder ran

Through caverns deep unknown to man.

The bird’s nest had the special spot

To view the courts and tennis shots

The foot faults, line calls and as fans

And from this table all could see

The premier matches on TV

But oh! What chasms sharp and slanted

Thwarted dreams and plans enchanted.

Deep divisions, turmoil seething

Raised angry voices, heated breathing

Threatened the ambitious dome

So some may have to stay at home

And watch matches without quarts

Of frothing beer and smart retorts.

And mid all this could Kirby hear

Ancestral voices talk of war

But Hark! A voice of reason near

Shouts hold! And let not fear

Submerge these plans in domes of ice

For in the stately pleasure dome              

Some peace is found when not at home

To watch TV or play some tennis

So keep it free from jibes and menace.

With peace restored and harmony

The pleasure dome is filled with glee

With tennis racquets, pints of Bud,

Pleasant mirth, not loss of blood!

Let’s build that dome up in the air

Let quizzes, matches, music blare

Exist not with cacophony

But mutual joy and empathy.

The birds’ nest may even house a Hawk

But let them at the TV gawk

The quiz teams should enjoy their space

The loud and quiet all interface

For variety and diversity

Belong within that sunny dome

For as their partners all declare

The pleasure dome may hold them there

For we don’t want them in the home!

Our thanks to Frank Moran a Templeogue Tennis Member.

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