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January has become Veganuary, and many of us are more conscious about what we eat. And drink. 

What is "ORGANIC" wine?  Wine made from grapes grown without any artificial chemicals (ie pesticides, herbicides, fungicides).  There are various bodies who certify wine, with different standards and logos, eg. Vin Bio, EcoCert. Bear in mind that producers often to choose to make wine to organic principles, without the burden of Certification.  

“BIODYNAMIC” is a step above organic. Biodynamic farms carry out composting, integrating animals, cover cropping, and crop rotation, and many also farm according to the cycles of the moon. It's all good stuff, like your grandad used to do! 

“VEGAN” friendly wines. Animal by-products (eg isinglass, egg white) are used for fining small particles  from wine. 'Vegan' wines use non-animal products to do this.  

Our Recommended Wine of the Month is a red wine from Spain:  

Matsu 'El Recio'- the 'tough guy.'  This is made from bio-dynamically farmed grapes (Tempranillo) in the Toro region of Spain. These grapes come from old vines, which results in really concentrated flavour.  The wine is aged in French oak for just over a year.  It's rich, mouth-filling, textured yet smooth enough, with flavours of dark fruits, mocha and soft spice, and a long finish.  

''El Recio" is about €25, from our local wine shops which have supported our wine club over the years: Molloys TallaghtGreen Man Wines, and The Vintry.  These shops also deliver.  

If that seems expensive, consider that €25 would just about buy a mediocre house wine in a restaurant! 

Recio is part of a family, which includes El Picaro (the young one, a bit more pocket-friendly), and El Viejo (the elder). 

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