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Spring is in the air. Snowdrops did not see much snow, but they are out along with crocuses and emerging daffodils. Birds are singing from the top of the trees, building their nests.

The last year gave us the opportunity to strengthen our connections with NATURE. With NATURE CONNECTED, we would like you to share your experience of the last year, through the medium of original photography, both unique and special.

We would like to see young and old participate to this “connected”. So Yes we are calling on all our members.

A few clarifications could be useful to guide you through your selection:

  • This is not a photo competition. You do not need to select your “best picture”, or be an expert photographer, but the most unusual: birds you have not seen before, insects you did not know existed, or flowers that are really nice.
  • The picture should be taken by you during the last year
  • We are an integral part of nature and most of us are beautiful people, but no selfies or TikTok, please.
  • Keep Videos Short if possible.
  • We intend to update NATURE CONNECTED on a weekly basis, so we are impatient to receive your “gems”

Please email your photos, videos to info@templeoguetennis.com

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